Cory L. Tyler, Founder

After working for 30 years (17 years with business executives) in 6 industries and in my travels to over 4 continents, I've learned that stress has no boundaries and people need someone to help them through it.


I founded Confidant because I saw the extreme stress plaguing the business world, so I created a platform that connects professionals with their own personal, trusted advisor. Thus, Confidant International was born. 


At last, business owners, executives, celebrities and high-profile individuals have someone they can trust; an expert skilled in reducing systemic stress and providing an environment of 100% confidentiality.   Mr. Tyler personally offers corporate training in conflict resolution. 

We are a wellness management company that assist clients with personal and/or professional concerns such as:


                                *Family Disputes

                                *Diversity & Inclusion 




                                *Health issues

                                *Corporate Culture

                                *Innovation Management

                                *Information Overload

                                *Recruitment and Retention

                                *Professional Obligations










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